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Upstream Tech60 coffee break 3

Time for a coffee break againWe have collected some news and observations during this past couple of weeks. Take some time to catch up on the things related to Kaseya, application updates and general IT news for managed service providers.

Critical RDP patch creates panic
It was expected that an exploit for the RDP vulnerability would pop up in the wild in fewer than 30 days. But, as it turns out, it took only one. Do a proper check that KB2621440 is installed on all machines with RDP enabled. Use Kaseya Agent Procedures to verify if the registry value "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\fDenyTSConnections". The value 0 indicates RDP enabled and 1 disabled. We provide a ready to go Kaseya Agent Procedure in our Upstream Power Pack under the folder Security to enable or disable RDP. Check it out.
Application updates
Firefox jumped to version 11 and got auto-update features. The same goes for Adobe Flash Player. This will impact on how you provide your software updates in the future. Read more about this here. Very quiet regarding updates on all other major softwares not being Microsoft.
Upstream Power Pack updates
We would like to highlight a new feature in the Upstream Power Pack. The ability to add or remove Windows features with the DISM command. Type in the elevated command prompt dism /online /get-features to see what Windows features are available to enable or disable. Read more here.
Tech60 sessions about sales!
What? Yes, you have to sell to grow. All the tech in the world can not create sales alone. The last two tech60 session covers how to audit a new prospect. One hour well spent. Check them out. Part1 and Part 2.
Kaseya news
Kaseya dusted oft the concept called TechJams. This was very pouplar a couple years ago and they decided to go further with this. Technical and educational webcasts for both new and old Kaseya customers. Check out the Kaseya community page for recorded sessions.
Kaseya released Kaseya Anti-Virus 1.3 (KAV) this month. New for this release is the Kasepersky Workstation Engine 6.0 making a more robust integration with the Kaspersky API. Download the installer here.
The Kaseya Network Monitor 4.1 (KNM) stand alone installer is now available. Still no integration to the Kaseya framework, but for stand alone installation and robust network monitoring this is must. Also, check out how to monitor VMware with KNM 4.1 in this blog post.
Kaseya and StorageCraft Announce OEM Partnership. Expect to more news about this in the near future. "Kaseya plans to announce a new module based on the ShadowProtect technology that will be available in Q2’2012 to its on-premises and SaaS customers. Current Kaseya customers who use ShadowProtect will also be able to bring it under central management from the Kaseya web-based interface."  Read more here.

Thats all for now. Have a great weekend!

Kind regards
The Upstream Tech Team


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