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Disable Internet Explorer Updates With KB Override

Let’s face it. Having Internet Explorer updates running wild and unmanaged is no fun when you will end up having to support the clients afterwords. Stuff breaks when new browsers are introduced, thats a fact in IT-support. Kaseya have a nice feature called KB Override in the Patch Managment module. This will help you configure a global approve or denie rule to any existing KB article. Let’s set the latest 3 Internet Explorer versions to denied like this:

KB Overrides will globally override (as the name descibes) any existing Kaseya Patch Policy assigned to machines, but it will only affect machines managed by the Kaseya Patch Management module. Configuring the suggestions above and not schedule Automatic Update from Kaseya will do… nothing.

Let’s go through the basic steps needed to create a recurring automated Patch Management in Kaseya where no Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 will get installed automatically.

  • In Kaseya Patch Managment, Manage Machines, Scan Machine: Schedule Patch Scan.
  • In Kaseya Patch Managment, Patch Policy, Membership: Set a preferred Patch Policy membership.
  • In Kaseya Patch Managment, Configure, Reboot Action: Set the preferred Rebboot Action.
  • In Kaseya Patch Managment, Manage Machines, Automatic Update: Schedule Automatic Update.
  • In Kaseya Patch Managment, Patch Policy, KB Override: Set the follfowing KB articles as denied.KB2841134, KB2718695 and KB982861.

For suggestions on a basic Patch Policy, check out our Upstream Kaseya Power Pack.

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12 november, 2013 • AV Ronny Tunfjord