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Top 5 maintenance and audit tasks you should do right after vacation

Back from your vacation? The world of IT has not stopped just because you have dropped out for a while. Get ready for some grunt work : )

Having time off is important, both for you and your customers. If you are delivering IT-services as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) however, the business never really close for summer. Sadly, the picture above may not relate to your vacation (unless you have a waterproof computer).

Your customers may have closed the lid on the laptops for a while, but the maintenance of customers IT-assets never stops. The slow pace of summer is always a good time for planning and getting ready for whats coming. There are a lot of mandatory maintenance waiting to be done when your customers workstations and laptops start spinning again. Here you have the top 5 maintenance and audit tasks you should do right after vacation. Make a checklist!

1. Let’s patch again! Ever since the Italian Hacking team got hacked (oh, the irony) in the beginning of July there’s a whole lot of patching going on. Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Java and Windows Internet Explorer are most affected. There is a lot of nasty exploits in in the wild, so act quick and inform your customers you are doing so. You should have well proven methods and processes to automate updates for all of the above applications (and more). Why not let the automation capabilities in Kaseya do the grunt work for you. If you are running Kaseya already, head over to the Upstream Kaseya Power Pack page and download the Kaseya Agent Procedures needed.

2. Prevent Windows 10 upgrades. Unless you have been living under a rock during end of July you are aware that Microsoft released Windows 10 to the masses july 29:th. To prevent customers having a little to much privileges running the upgrade solo you can be pro-active and remove both the patch if present and the ability to get it. Read more in our additional blog post covering the subject.

3. Got any disk space left? Maybe your users have been using the laptops as portable entertainment centers on the vacation trip? Big movie files can empty the disk rather quick. A fresh audit report from Kaseya on computers running low on disk can prevent unnecessary tickets in the Help Desk.

4. Any fresh backup? Users tend to work remote from anywhere. During vacation most customers still work and check email. However, the difference may be the storage and sometimes alternative storage (desktop is the most common). With the ever increasing risk for disasters like hardware failures (maybe after using the laptop in the pool), Ransomware, Viruses and generic Malware, backup and Business Continuity will be growing in demand. This risk is also tied to both the patch and Windows 10 sections above as hacker tries to gain system access in every way possible. Can you assure your customers that files created and changed during the vacation are completely backed up and in sync? Can you restore the files if a disaster like Ransomware occurs? Upstreams recent partnership with Datto will help you adress this issues both with backup strategies, Business Continuity and the possibility to create a private customer facing remote filesync solution.

5. Anti-Virus update and deep scan. Do a proper signature update and version audit on your existing Anti-Virus solution. Also invest time in a deeper analysis (deep scan or full scan) on all Servers, Laptops and Workstations to start the coming season as fresh and virus free as possible.

The above maintenance and audit task should not be a secret. Inform your customers what you are up to and why you do it. Why not book a local meeting at you customers to inform and refresh the customer company staff on what the IT-services you provide is alla bout.

Welcome back from the vacation!

11 augusti, 2015 • AV Ronny Tunfjord