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Cloud backup

Data stored in the cloud is also deleted consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, a backup should be as obvious as for locally saved data. It is also important to know that cloud solutions such as Salesforce, G Suite and O365 do not take responsibility for data loss. Instead, they recommend third-party backup solutions, please read Microsoft’s terms and conditions (point 6b) for Office 365 (


Automatic backups ensure you can restore clients’ cloud data no matter what happens to it: from malicious attacks to careless employees.


Everything is backed up. Anything can be restored. No matter who did what or when.


SaaS Protection ensures critical information can be recovered easily after user errors, malicious activity, or provider outage.


With Saas Protection, your clients maintain ownership of their business data – not the provider or the users who created it. You back it up and can take it anywhere.


Save your clients money by providing a solution that enables them to stop paying for licenses they no longer need. SaaS Protection gives them control of their user accounts.

This is Datto SaaS Protection

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Who needs SaaS Protections or Cloud to Cloud Backup?

Google and Microsoft handle invaluable business data responsibly for many companies Google and Microsoft handle invaluable business data responsibly for many companies. They can be trusted with your clients’ data and a breach or outage on their end is highly unlikely.

However, when it comes to user error, malicious attacks, compliance issues, and user management, a SaaS Protection backup and recovery solution is your only hope for preventing data loss, downtime, and the related financial demise that follows.

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