Pulseway RMM

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

RMM is used for monitoring and managing IT systems (such as computers, servers and network devices), using locally installed agents that can be reached by internal IT staff or an IT vendor.

Features that are often included:
Remote control – Patch management – Monitoring – Inventory – Deployment – Automation – Reporting.

This is Pulseway RMM

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Easy to use Network Discovery and Deployment engine allows instant productivity straight out of the box. With no on-boarding or training required to get you up and running. In minutes, you can quickly and effortlessly see all the IT endpoints and then mass deploy the Pulseway solution with pre-configured policies built-in.


  • Discover All Your Devices
  • Mass Deployment
  • Ease To Use
  • Central Policy Management


Get more done by doing less, with Pulseway’s powerful Automation engine. Combining workflow technology with intuitive UI, you can set up smart triggers to auto-remediate IT issues on your behalf. With a wide library of built-in scripts and templates, you can start being more efficient immediately.


  • Auto-Remediation
  • Out-of-the-box Scripts
  • Batch, PowerShell, VBScript & Bash
  • Scheduling Automation
  • Reports


Patch Management is one of the most critical and complex processes managed by IT. The sheer volume of patches combined with the growing number of endpoints that IT is responsible for makes patch management a tremendous undertaking. Pulseway’s Patch Management Software is designed to make your job easier by automatically patching OS and a vast list of 3rd Party Applications. Scan, install and update all your systems on-demand or schedule them to be updated on particular dates and intervals. Patching is key to stopping Meltdown, Spectre, and other vulnerabilities. With Pulseway, you can now manage this process seamlessly and remotely.


  • OS Patching
  • 3rd Party Patching
  • Automation
  • Patching Reports


Pulseway’s Remote Control and Remote Support solution offers fast and secure connections to all monitored computers which allows you to quickly and effortlessly resolve all your users IT issues and problems remotely from the Desktop or from the Pulseway Mobile App. Connect to any active remote desktop sessions or to the console session on the remote computer, choose the monitor that you want to view, control the machine as if you were sitting in front of it, chat with the user and send and receive files from both the source and the destination computer.


  • Control from Desktop or Mobile
  • File Transfer
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • User Chat

Application Server Monitoring

Servers uptime and performance is critical to organizations, they affect the productivity of all the users, that is why Pulseway has built-in powerful core functionality for servers. Get insight over the real-time status of Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V, Windows Server Backup, XenServer, SCOM and more.

Custom Reporting

You can now leverage the power of data to showcase to your customers or to your organization the health of all systems, patch compliance, asset summary and much more. The out of the can reports can be white-labeled and scheduled to be delivered automatically on a regular basis without any maintenance.

Curious and want to know more?

Customizable API

You might want to implement some of your own custom monitors or add some features that are unique to your environment. The REST API and the Cloud API both offer users the opportunity to customize Pulseway beyond the default offerings for extensive application or service monitoring.

Tight Integrations

Experience a seamless experience, across all your favorite tools. Pulseway integrates with industry-leading vendors so that you can optimize the way your IT environment is managed. Such as ConnectWise, Autotask, Zendesk, PagerDuty, Slack and much more.


Security is always the first priority for our product and it’s constantly improved by ensuring that up-to-date technologies are used and that security policies are enforced for both staff and end-users. Pulseway utilizes industry standard encryption, attacks protection systems, security policies, and multi-factor authentication mechanisms to ensure security compliance.


Work from anywhere, on any device, with instant and powerful access to the functions that matter most. Pulseway’s native Mobile Apps (Android & iOS) were built from the ground up to give you full control of all your critical IT systems. You’ll have the freedom to leave your desk and still be in control of your IT environment, meaning that no matter where you are, you’ll be the first to know of any critical IT issues, and you’ll have the power to resolve from anywhere, even before the end-user knows there is a problem.


  • Instant Push Notifications
  • Complete System Overview
  • Built-in Commands
  • Mobile Remote Control

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