Password management

Password management systems help internal and IT providers to manage passwords both for themselves and possibly for customers. Password management systems can also handle 2FA with one-time codes and can be distributed efficiently. It is often possible to limit the possibility for certain persons / groups to access selected passwords from certain locations / units. Everything is logged and can be reported.

Full Visibility

Gain insight into your users’ behavior and overall security score through real-time security dashboards and immutable audit logs.

Organizational Tools

Navigate effectively through your portal by reflecting your team’s structure within MYKI using user groups and item folders.

Multi-Layered Security

Manage and share passwords & 2FA, and get alerted when one of your accounts has been compromised all through one portal.

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Provision and Reset

MYKI integrates with Microsoft Azure AD and Google for Work allowing you to import your users, password, and make changes within the MYKI ecosystem.

This is Myki

Watch the video to learn more about Myki.

2FA Sharing

Share 2FA with users and groups of users to enable collaboration without compromising security. MYKI automatically fills in 2FA tokens in the browser, which reduces users’ frustration.

Groups and Folders

Keep your customer passwords organized in user groups and device folders. On-boarding new users and off-boarding of users who quit, you solve with a simple push of a button in Myki. Also invite partners where you decide what they will have access to.

Security Dashboard

Stay aware of your customers’ security status with our smart Dashboard and improve your security score by keeping passwords unique and complex.

No Master Password

You no longer need to create, manage and remember a master password anymore. Use your fingerprint, Face ID or a pin code to access the MYKI app.

Login across devices

MYKI seamlessly syncs P2P between devices that you install the MYKI app on.

Cloud-less Storage of Passwords

The MYKI app stores passwords locally on your devices making it very difficult for hackers to gain access to your data.

Auto-fill 2FA tokens

MYKI can securely store and fill your two-factor authentication tokens while you browse, without compromising convenience.

MSP Focused

Seamlessly blend MYKI within your environment using our RMM, PSA, and Remote Desktop integrations.

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