Network monitoring is best done by a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or faulty components, which adds the opportunity to add proactivity. In the event of any problems, support is announced according to pre-selected criteria.

Increase your productivity, efficiency and profitability with Auvik

Auvik has more than just a fantastic network map. In fact, IT-service firms around the world use Auvik to automate time-consuming tasks, streamline operations, increase revenue, reduce risks and strengthen customer relationships.

Discover network problems before your customers

Today, companies expect their IT network to work. Much like electricity in the socket, quiet and works in the background. Today, when networks do not work, companies stop because much of the most important things employees need to do their job is in the cloud. To truly take responsibility and keep the network running, a successful IT provider must detect network problems before their customers can.

Auvik automates time-consuming network management tasks.

Auvik immediately starts automating manual network tasks such as mapping, documenting and configuring backups to help you free up valuable technical time and resolve issues faster. With Auvik you can:

  • Automate and document
  • Streamline monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Automate backup and restore configurations
  • Analyze network traffic in an intelligent way

Auvik will be the most intuitive tool in your software stack

There is a reason why everyone from beginners to experienced technicians is comfortable using Auvik.

With Auvik you can:

  • Easily navigate the network
  • Manage distributed websites from one dashboard
  • Access the network anywhere

Reduce complexity

Auvik’s cloud-based network monitoring and management tools reduce the complexity of managing multiple distributed networks. With Auvik, you know about network problems before your users or customers do. With the insight you have, you can provide strategic guidance for developing networks to meet business needs. All in a way that is efficient, productive and profitable for you.

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