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Phishing Defense.

Protect Your Business from Email Attacks with Powerful Artificial Intelligence and EmployeeShield®

Email is the most successful delivery method for the costliest cyberattacks out there: business email compromise, credential theft, ransomware — the list goes on

Graphus is the world’s first automated phishing defense platform that protects you from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts.

Phishing works by sending emails laced with ransomware, fileless malware, and other threats directly to your employees. These emails are disguised as messages from trusted individuals like a manager, coworker, or business associate to trick your employees into activating the enclosed malware or granting unauthorized access. The results include Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), credential theft, ransomware and more disastrous incidents. As these attacks grow more sophisticated, not even Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 can filter them out, but the Graphus AI can.

How Graphus Works

How Graphus Works Graphus requires no hardware purchase or software downloads; it’s ready to deploy in minutes via cloud API to start protecting your business by:

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your employees’ business relationships (who they work with, how often they communicate, etc.) to make trusted profiles


for suspicious irregularities in message content and attachments and comparing them to trusted profiles to detect attacks


from user interaction and feedback to grow smarter and defend you better from new, emerging threats

Protect Every Inbox In Your Organization

Today’s email attacks routinely bypass security controls such as secure email gateways, Microsoft 365 security and Google Workspace security. Graphus is the world’s first automated email security platform that protects every employee from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts, providing comprehensive protection against disasters like Ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO) and other advanced threats.

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Automated To Save You Time

Graphus takes less than 30 minutes to deploy and mitigates attacks without manual intervention from IT techs.

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Complete Email Protection

A cloud-based solution that detects and blocks 99.9% of sophisticated email attacks before they ever reach employee inboxes.

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Protect at 1/2the Cost

Affordable for lean IT team budgets and priced right to help MSPs realize profit.

Get Superior Protection In Minutes

Squash advanced threats from constantly evolving cybercrime tactics like spear phishing, url-based attacks, impersonation and social engineering schemes.

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Advanced, Patented AI

Phishing protection is automated via TrustGraph®, which is constantly adapting to evolving threats and stops attacks before they ever reach your users.

Active Warning Banner

EmployeeShield® displays an active warning banner on suspicious emails and gives employees the ability to report threats or mark them as safe.

Automatic Alerts & Quarantine

Automation and AI go hand in hand to reduce the workload of your IT staff and make your cloud email system safer.

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Instant Cloud-Native Deployment

Quickly deployable to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace via API. No big downloads. No lengthy installs. No time-consuming configurations.

Intuitive Reporting

Get insights into the effectiveness of your security, level of risks, attack types, and more. Beautifully visualized security data.

User-Friendly Admin Portal

Easily monitor for suspicious messages and investigate them safely. Adjust settings in seconds and remove malicious emails from all inboxes in one click.

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