Data stored in the cloud is also deleted consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, a backup should be as obvious as for locally saved data. It is also important to know that cloud solutions such as Salesforce, G Suite and O365 do not take responsibility for data loss. Instead, they recommend third-party backup solutions, please read Microsoft’s terms and conditions (point 6b) for Office 365.

Human Error

Human error is the main cause of cyber security breaches. From simply opening the wrong email to accidental deletions to disgruntled employees, it’s very easy to have Microsoft 365 data deleted, held hostage by ransomware, or corrupted. That leaves a data protection gap not covered by Office 365.

Recycle Bin Limitation

Microsoft 365 only saves deleted emails in the recycle bin for up to 90 days — and many system administrators use the recycle bin as a temporary data backup repository. Employing this solution is extremely risky because a recycle bin doesn’t have the same security features as SaaS backup, exposing your Microsoft 365 data to ongoing threats.

Microsofts Service Limitation

Microsoft doesn’t have you covered. Based on their Microsoft’s Service Agreement (Sec.6b), in the event of an outage, they do not guarantee retrieval of your content or data that you have stored. They recommend regular backup using third-party backup solutions to cover this gap.


Exchange Online Backup

Exchange Online can be one of the largest data sources of any O365 environment. Emails, attachments and related data can be massive in terms of file size. Because Dropsuite provides unlimited storage and the option for unlimited restore you’ll never need to worry about running out of storage.

Set up automated backups to occur several times a day, and because we only backup modified files speed is maximized. This takes the hassle out of keeping Exchange Online files secure and protected.

OneDrive Backup

Backup OneDrive to ensure all your business digital assets are safe from harm. Maintain complete copies of critical business digital assets to ensure protection from hackers, encryption malware, accidental deletion and more.

Feel confident knowing you’re prepared for data disasters by ensuring your OneDrive files are automatically backed up and instantly ready for restore as part of the entire set of O365 data.

SharePoint Backup

Backup OneDrive to ensure all your business digital assets are safe from harm. Ensure all your business-critical data saved to SharePoint is protected from loss or threat. Dropsuite backs up documents and folders, assigns permissions, offers restore options, and much more, use our intelligent backup tools to easily store, secure, administer and quickly restore your SharePoint.

Groups Backup

Office 365 Groups enable teams of people to collaborate and share business-critical data, files, project information and much more. This makes backing up Groups critical to enable the group to continue their work with minimal time or data loss in the event of a security breach. All it takes is one click to restore your Group data and communications, and you’re back to sharing, collaborating and accessing all your Group information and resources.

Teams Backup

Teams is increasingly becoming the business collaboration tool of choice, and Microsoft isn’t slowing down with the updates and additions to Teams functionality.

Today’s collaboration-oriented remote workforce leaves companies vulnerable. Dropsuite ensures your Teams business-critical information is securely backed up in the event of breach.

Calendars, Contacts and Tasks

Microsoft Calendars, Contacts and Tasks backup are also included in Office 365 backup by Dropsuite.

These Office 365 data sets are often forgotten or overlooked and can lead to significant data protection gaps. Because these files contain critical business information they are just as necessary to protect. This is especially true given the ever-increasing regulations regarding privacy and security of contact information.

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