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The Dark Web is the unregulated part of the Internet – no government, organization or company is responsible for it or can apply rules there. This is exactly the reason why the Dark Web is often associated with illegalities such as stolen login credentials, weapons and drugs. It is impossible to access the Dark Web via a “normal” browser, such as Google Chrome or Edge. Through the Tor browser, however, you can not find any Dark Websites that end in .se, .no, .fi, .dk or .com.

Dark web monitoring for MSP

Dark Web ID ™ helps MSPs protect their clients from a cybersecurity breach due tocompromised employee credentials by monitoring the dark web in real time, and automatically alerting when it’s time to change passwords because their credentials are up for sale on the Dark Web.

Dark Web ID is the leading Dark Web monitoring platform in the channel

More Managed Service Providers globally rely on Dark Web ID than any other monitoring software to provide actionable cybersecurity threat intelligence. Trust the award-winning solution to help you proactively protect your customers from the risk of a costly data breach.

Provide the best protection

Dark Web ID alerts MSPs when their customers’ employee emails and passwords have been compromised and are for sale to the highest bidder, BEFORE a breach occurs.

Real-Time Validated DATA

ID Agent’s Partners present data evidence that has been analyzed and validated, to deliver solid justification for added security measures, such as 2FA or employee security training.

Deploy In Minutes

This sophisticated tool features a simple user platform, which allows the MSP to deploy across its entire customer base in minutes.

Dedicated Sales & Marketing Team

Every MSP Partner is provided hands-on Onboarding, Sales & Marketing support, plus custom-branded marketing materials, training webinars, and much more.

Easily integrates into ticketing and CRM platforms

Streamline Operational Efficiencies using our new API and full integrations, to provide better service, faster onboarding, and easier, accurate ticket resolution.

Award-Winning Platform

Dark Web ID™ continues to win MSP-voted awards from industry leaders such as Datto, CRN, and ChannelPro Network.

This is ID Agent

Watch the video to learn more about ID Agent.

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