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Here is a product range of products that secure data and in some cases also the operation, both in the cloud and on local hardware.

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Data is deleted both consciously and unconsciously. The different types of backups available on the market are described below.

Server backup

We compare “yesterday’s” backup and disaster recovery with the next generations Business Continuity.Backup means backing up data and storing it in one or more locations. Data can be saved on tape but most common today is online backup and then the data lands in a server at the service provider. Is backup then sufficient as protection in the event of an IT accident? To put things in perspective, we take hardware failure as an example.

Every IT operations provider’s nightmare, a server has crashed and the customer’s production has ceased as there are business-critical systems and data on the server that they need access to in order to work. Hardware must be ordered and delivered, software must be reinstalled and the data from the latest backup must be entered. After that, a lot of configuration remains and what this process takes in terms of time is difficult to say, but about 1-3 days depending on the conditions before the restoration is complete and the customer can return to normal. We also see a clear pattern that backups are too rarely re-read and tested. This means that in the case of a reset, it is not possible to say with certainty how much data the customer will lose. The result can be devastating!

Business Continuity is a concept and collective name for a number of solutions that together prepare a company for an “IT crash” but more importantly, protect a company from the results of one. It is a pre-packaged service and plan that makes life easier for an IT operations provider while at the same time creating greater value for the end customer who can quickly get started again regardless of a breakdown. Downtime is eliminated down to minutes instead of days. Automated rereading tests confirm that the backups are fully functional. With an RPO of 5 minutes and an RTO of 6 seconds, you can easily maintain a world-class SLA. An Enterprise solution for small to medium-sized businesses within reasonable costs.

Cloud service backup

Before Office 365 or Google G-suite became standard at most Nordic companies, emails and files were always backed up on servers. For some reason, this disappeared by default when the move was made to the cloud. Microsoft itself does not take responsibility for being able to restore data that could disappear but instead recommends a third-party backup solution, please read point 6b in the MS Service Agreement:

Our products in backup & business continuity

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