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RMM is used for monitoring and managing IT-systems (such as computers, servers and network devices), using locally installed agents that can be reached by internal IT-staff or IT-vendors.

Features that are often included:
Remote Control, Patch Management, Monitoring, Inventory, Deployment, Automation, Reporting.

  • Remote Control
  • Powerful Automation
  • Audit
  • Patching
  • Monitoring and alerts

With Kaseya Remote Control, technicians and administrators can troubleshoot and manage client computers and servers no matter where they are. They can access devices without disturbing the user to proactively solve problems. Manage all units for problem solving, reporting, incident resolution and compliance.

Solve tickets proactively and automate common IT-processes, including software distribution, patch management, antivirus and antimalware distribution, and routine maintenance. Standardize IT processes with policy-based automation – set up schedules for inventory or patching and define processes for specific machine groups. Whether you work in VSA Desktop, Kaseya Fusion Mobile App, BMS or IT Glue, the power of VSA is exactly where you need it.

Detect and manage devices inside and outside the network. Each agent installed on a machine is assigned a unique machine ID / group ID name. With network visualization, you can see endpoint status that gives you the visibility you need for your entire IT-network instantly.

Real-time patch status view for all devices in your IT environment, including non-networked devices. Driven by policies to ensure that you can automate software maintenance across platforms and easily address the complexity of patch distribution.

Take advantage of the benefits of monitoring, alarms and automatic troubleshooting, which shortens the time for resolution. Monitor all infrastructure components, performance metrics (CPU, memory, disk space, uptime, etc.), processes and services, event logs, application and hardware changes, and more.

Efficient management of IT-infrastructure

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Smooth workflows allow your technicians to work efficiently with various tools and access the right information when and where they need it.

Remotely manage devices without disturbing users to proactively solve problems.

Automate IT processes so you can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Cost savings

Achieve a higher “device per technician” ratio, do more with less resources.

Keep track of software licenses and hardware devices with better IT management.

Eliminate various point solutions that are no longer needed to manage your IT-infrastructure.

Transparency and control

View and manage your entire IT-environment to maintain uptime.

The network topology map shows both devices with and without an agent in the network. Immediately see the status of the device that gives you the visibility you need for your entire IT-network.

Easily generate reports, use templates and custom dashboards to visualize your and your customers’ IT-environments.


Automate patch management and vulnerability management to address security issues.

Control access with 2-factor authentication (2FA).

Back up servers and workstations as well as SaaS application data.

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