About Upstream

What we do…

Upstream is constantly looking for smart alternatives to traditional ways of working. Thanks to this, we have managed to find products and working methods that open up new opportunities. Opportunities to work more mobile, more preventively and more efficiently. Innovative IT solutions that help businesses develop.

We complement the solutions with cutting-edge expertise and personal customer support. Our driving force is to find technology and methods that make life easier. In addition, we believe in long-term and constant development. Mainstream is often quite dull. Upstream is more fun!

Out history…

…a man named George Brontén who thought that the software offered on the market was too mainstream. He then conducted a massive survey at Sweden’s IT companys and laid the foundation for what would become the core of Upstream. The year was 1997. At a time when many believed that only a handful of big vendors were competent enough to develop good software, Upstream realized that there were smarter and more efficient solutions out there, ready to be intercepted. It is a big part of what makes Upstream unique, a real will and striving to look beyond the framework of the very best solution and not accept “good enough”.

The IT world is evolving and the structures are changing. Today, IT is an obvious part of all businesses, large and small. For Upstream, the journey is now beginning in earnest. When software giants paint beautiful pictures of how their solutions solve everything, for everyone, we know it’s never that simple. The most important thing is not the supplier’s market capitalization, but to ensure that the right competence and solution meet the specific needs. That’s what makes the difference. For us, going against the flow means prioritizing specific needs and solutions. . We have the flexible options. And by listening carefully, we get closer to the needs. It provides better precision – saving time, swearing and money. Above all, it leads to more efficient IT.

Our target audience


If you work for an IT supplier, you often have a responsibility to ensure that your customers’ IT works and is secure. The challenge is often that all customers’ environments differ and customers’ requirements are different. We help you with products that both broaden and deepen your service portfolio. Our solutions in security, productivity and backup are developed for IT suppliers who want to handle many customers from one place.

Intern IT

If you work in an internal IT department, you are responsible for ensuring that security is satisfactory, that backup exists and works and that you handle all IT problems before and after they have arisen. We help you with all these parts so you in the internal IT department can continue to be heroes.


If you work with IT in Retail, you know that this is often a rather complex IT environment that must always work and be secure. We help you solve these challenges through a strong product portfolio, long and many collaborations with retail companies in both retail and grocery.

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