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It is often said in the news that there have been serious cyber attacks against large companies. You get the feeling that only the largest companies are affected, that is not true. Small and medium-sized companies are often simpler targets for cybercriminals as these companies often have less protection and are quicker to decide and pay a possible ransom. 


Suffering from a cyber attack can be costly. The cost of solving an attack can often cause a company to almost go bankrupt due to the fact that both the brand is damaged and also that customers and/or employees information has been stolen and/or published. So the most important thing of all is to protect your own and customers’ information. This is best done with different layers of security.

We usually most easily describe these layers in the analogy of security in a house. First you insert windows and doors so it is not wide open to get in, then locks or even double locks. When this “standard security” is in place, security is often increased with a burglar alarm and surveillance. To make it even more difficult for a possible intruder, you can also put up a higher fence or wall around the plot. As with IT security, these measures are not 100% protection but more of a hindrance to a potential intruder.

What obvious risks are there in an organization then? Listed below are some of the most common shortcomings that many companies have.

  • Updates: Applications and operating systems are not regularly updated frequently.
  • Password: For simple, shared, rarely changed, used in more places both privately and at work. 
  • Careless users: Many people may not recognize an email that is not legitimate. These emails have today also become much more difficult to recognize.
  • User accounts: Former employees’ accounts are not terminated immediately.
  • Work outside the office: Employees work from private or public networks that do not meet the protection that can be considered safe. 

Examples of tools that can help you increase IT security are listed here:

Managed SOC:
Security operation center is a white labeled managed service that leverages our Threat Monitoring Platform to detect malicious and suspicious activity across three critical attack vectors: Endpoint | Network | Cloud.

Password Manager:
Having long complex passwords is a secure way to be more secure. But to be able to handle these when you can not remember them, you need a password manager.

An antivirus software is a program that actively or on request scans, deletes or repairs files that are infected with viruses. Antivirus software can also detect and neutralize other malicious forms of foreign execution code such asspyware och worms.

Security Awareness Training:
Training employees to detect “Fishing” and other emails that contain malicious code is one of the most effective ways to reduce cyber attacks.

Darkweb monitoring:
Login information is constantly being stolen from both large and small cyber attacks. These are then sold on Darkweb and then used for more attacks.

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